{DIY} Cherry Blossom Bird Canvas

Today I am thrilled to share a DIY nursery project I have been working on! I mentioned this painting from PB Kids on Pinterest several weeks ago and last week showed you this preview. Typically I am a slow decision-maker, especially when it comes to decorating. However, I fell in love with the cherry blossom bird canvas right away and thought I could maybe make something similar to it myself.

The chalkboard frame was a handmade baby shower gift from my sweet friend Michaela.

Let me start off by saying I don't consider myself very creative/artistic. I'm good at mimicking projects or combining ideas to create something, but I could never just sit down and make something out of nothing. I have also never painted before, but by taking this project one step at a time, it was actually pretty easy. So next time you see something you would like to make but don't think you can, go for it! You may be surprised with the final product!

Canvas ($7.99)
Acrylic paint (about $5 for 3 new colors, plus others I had on hand)
Scrapbook paper ($0.35 per sheet)
Assorted paintbrushes/sponges (I had these already, but somewhere around $2.99)
Paper glue ($4.50)

I got all these materials at JoAnn's. The canvas was 50% off and the scrapbook paper was 40% off.

First, I used a sponge to paint the entire canvas. I used one purple acrylic paint and just added white to it to get variations of lavender. I also used a pearlescent paint to add a little shimmer in places.

Next, I added a few branches using a small paintbrush. 

Like I said before, I am far from an artist so I first made templates of the birds and then traced them onto scrapbook paper. I just freehanded the cherry blossoms. 

Cut out several birds and a bunch of flowers from scrapbook paper (alternatively, you could use fabric or other materials) and place them on the canvas. I played around with placement a bit before I glued anything down.

Next, add detail like the birds' legs, beaks, and eyes. Glue everything into place.
And add little highlights of paint where you want more color. 

It's not perfect, but overall I am really pleased with how it turned out!

Happy crafting!
+, Lauren Aiken