About LA

Hello :). I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Lauren. Christ follower, wife to Matt, mommy to the sweetest girl, and lover of all things handmade. 

LA-Stitch began as AikensInSeattle when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby. We had moved across the country after getting married, and I started the blog as a way to keep family and close friends updated. Soon after, I decided not to limit my readership. I knew nearly nothing about pregnancy or babies and had so many questions myself, so I thought my experiences could be helpful to others. Since then, we've moved across the country and had a little girl

I've traded my environmental consulting days for full time motherhood and love every minute of it. You'll find a smattering of things I love to do here - cooking, baking, DIY projects, and sewing/quilting/knitting/embroidery (all things 'Stitch'-related). But for now you'll mostly read about Nora and my experiences in motherhood, because that is how I spend my days!

I have such a heart for pregnant women and new moms, and while I claim to know nothing other than what is best for my little girl, I am happy to chat any time.

I hope you enjoy this little lifestyle blog!
+, Lauren Aiken

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