Amelia: 1 Month

Size: Millie is totally out of NB clothing and onto 0-3 months! I haven't tried to weigh her because the last time I tried on our scale, it was almost a pound different than she weighed in at the doctor. If she continues to grow at the rate she has in the past two weeks, she'll be into 6 month clothes by next month! 

Health: Toward the end of the month, Millie's plugged tear ducts cleared up. Hopefully they stay that way :). Some mornings she wakes up with a little congestion, which usually clears up after a nursing session. She won't see the doctor again until she's two months.

Sleep: At the one month mark we moved Millie over to her crib in the nursery. The transition was easy, and she's sleeping really well there! She consistently wakes twice, between 1 and 2am and around 4am. We've been starting bedtime around 7 (when Nora goes to bed), but sometimes it takes until 9pm for her to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Diet: I'm still feeding on demand for now, which is typically every 2-3 hours during the day and twice in the middle of the night. Nora was never a spitter, but Millie frequently (I say frequently because Nora only spit up a handful of times EVER!) throws up entire feedings of undigested milk. I was a little concerned that it may be a sensitivity to something in my diet, but it doesn't happen every day even, so I think it's something she'll just outgrow.

Postpartum: My activity level is back to normal, and I feel great! My pelvic floor is still pretty weak, but I know it will get stronger over time. I've lost a little over half of the weight I gained during pregnancy.

Milestones: She's smiling more and more and has started cooing at us also. She's showing interest in the playmat and moves her arms and legs wildly, like she's trying to grab the toys.  Her neck is getting stronger by the day. She's growing and changing entirely too fast!!

+, Lauren Aiken

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