26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks, 5 days
Size: 14 inches and 1.75 pounds
Gender: Girl
Total weight gain: 18ish pounds
Maternity clothes: I borrowed this maternity maxi dress from a friend and am loving how comfortable it is. I'm putting a couple more on my wish list next month :).
Stretch marks: No.
Sleep: I've been sleeping really soundly this week apart from waking a couple times. No complaints here!
Movement: Yes. I still haven't noticed hiccups with this baby. Most of the movement is up high, though on occasion I feel a lot of pressure lower when her back is pressing outward.
Queasy or sick: Thankful to be feeling great!
Labor Signs: --
Symptoms: I've been really comfortable this week and haven't really "felt" pregnant at all, aside from the gentle nudges going on inside :).
Belly button in or out: The bottom is still in, but the top part is starting to poke out.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Recap of the week: We spent Saturday painting Nora's new room (while she enjoyed her first Disney movie)! Unfortunately, two coats of the light color we chose didn't cover the dark brown room so we'll be spending one evening this week painting a third and final coat. Easter Sunday was a wonderful day!
Looking forward to: Matt's family and both sets of grandparents are coming to visit starting this weekend. It's been a long time since we saw them, and we're really excited to spend time together!
Looking back: Oops! I guess I didn't do a 26 week blog post last time. You'll have to stay tuned for next week.

+, Lauren Aiken

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  1. I miss hiccups! I felt them for months the first time around before I realized what they were.

    What was Nora's first Disney movie?! Bradli's was Cinderella. It was perfect!