22 Weeks

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How far along: 22 weeks, 4 days
Size: 1 pound and 11 inches (spaghetti squash)
Gender: Girl
Total weight gain: I think somewhere between 10-11 pounds.
Maternity clothes: I'm loving the new maternity leggings I got last week!
Stretch marks: I still haven't used up my belly butter. I'm using it a lot less frequently than with Nora. And I'm leaning toward using the coconut oil + lavender EO "lotion" I made this week instead of the belly balm recipe I've been talking about.
Sleep: The weird and vivid dreams have begun!! Does this happen to anyone else during pregnancy? This week I went to a crazy dermatologist and was chased by a wolf (in two separate dreams).
Movement: Her tiny kicks are getting stronger, and we can see movement from the outside now too!
Queasy or sick: Over the weekend I finally started feeling better! I went to the doctor last Tuesday and had some tests run since I had been having stomach issues since getting sick two Saturdays ago. My results aren't in yet, but I'm thankful to be feeling better.
Labor Signs: --
Symptoms: I feel much less "pregnant" this week so maybe all the pressure and heaviness had something to do with my illness too. Let's hope so because it's too early to be feeling like I just have a few weeks left!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On
Recap of the week: Nora had a cough/cold so we laid low most of the week. Pizza and bonfire at the Howerton's Friday (Nora took her first shower afterward and loved it), Uncle Clen was in town and came over with Adam and Kenzie for dinner on Saturday, and went for a couple nice long walks as a family.
Looking forward to: Finally going to bible study this week (missed the first two since I was sick) and doing a couple DIYs for a friend's baby shower. Hopefully getting started on the girls' rooms soon... :).

Here's my 22 week recap with Nora for comparison.

+, Lauren Aiken

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