California Trip, Part 1

It's been pretty quiet around this space, but I'm going to make an actual attempt to post more frequently because I do miss writing here. Hold me accountable, friends and family!

We spent 4th of July week in Turlock, CA to celebrate Grandpa Bothun's 80th birthday! This was my first ever trip to California, not counting a day trip with a professor to collect samples of soil with naturally occurring asbestos back in 2007 (yes, I'm that nerd). Between Matt and I, we took over 700 photos, so I'm going to divide our trip into three different parts.

First, we got to meet up with a dear friend we met while living in Seattle. Nora wasn't quite as grumpy as she looks. Michaela is one of the sweetest, most driven, and most stylish women I know. We hadn't seen each other in over a year so this was highly cherished time together even though it was brief! After a quick lunch date near SFO, we were headed to Turlock.

Matt, Nora and I, along with Matt's little sister Mallory stayed at the grandparents' house. We thoroughly enjoyed our mornings together, and it was so special to see Nora with her great grandparents. 

My favorite thing about California was the fresh fruit! We visited just one of the many fruit stands in Turlock and had fresh fruit every morning...to balance out the donuts! Naturally, Nora loved it all. Even the taste of donut that Grammy snuck :).

As I mentioned, we had donuts from the 'famous' Village Donuts every most days. I must admit they were very good!

We drove out to visit Grandpa's shop to see where he builds all of his beautiful furniture!

Most of our evenings were spent hanging outside with family. We found a new appreciation for backyards. And now we want to redo ours. For now that will wait :).

Nora met her second-cousin, Ella.

And we all survived the ~108 degree days.

We celebrated the 4th of July at Aunt Sandy's house with hot dogs and fireworks.

Oh, and how could I forget? I tried In-N-Out for the first time, twice. Nora may or may not have had a teeny tiny taste of a french fry! 

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Stay tuned for Part 2! 

+, Lauren Aiken

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  1. I had so much fun seeing you!! Miss you lots! Glad you were able to enjoy your trip to CA :)