A Weekend At Home

Last week I drove up to Indiana to spend the week at home with my parents while Matt was out of town for work. I failed to take as many pictures as I had hoped, but here are the few that I did snap highlighting some moments of the week.

A haircut (one of my favorite things)!

Yummy food at local restaurants.

Dinner and ice cream with Eloise in Greenwood after seeing her new grown-up apartment.

Hours of quality time with Mom spent by chatting + crafting. 

The beginning of a little headband collection for baby A.

Stitching cute little birds for a mobile.

And my lovely Mira.

Some other highlights were lunch dates and ice cream with Daddy, a morning of antiquing with Grannie, visiting with a couple family friends, and an afternoon with a dear friend.

And in case you need a little entertainment this Monday morning, I snapped a pic of this van as I was driving through Kentucky...the photo doesn't do it justice, really.

Now it's on to tackling a large to-do list :). 
Happy Monday!
+, Lauren Aiken

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