31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks, 6 days (basically 32 weeks, oops!)
Baby Size: 3+ pounds.
Total weight gain: Right around 25 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Yes! Always now. This dress is not the most flattering (especially for a week that I'm feeling particularly large), but it's what I wore to church today so I decided to keep it on.
Stretch marks? This belly is getting big, and I have 8 weeks to go. Keeping my fingers crossed though!
Sleep: I slept pretty soundly this week even though I was in a different bed (in Indiana visiting my parents) so no complaints here!
Best moment(s) this week: Visiting my parents in Indiana and spending the majority of the week crafting with my mom! We drove up to Greenwood to see my sister Eloise one night too :). And finally, one of my best friends became a mom this week! You can read about their adoption journey here.
Miss Anything? Matt was in Chicago this week, but we are reunited now. 
Movement: Kicks have changed to mostly squirms, rolls, and hiccups. And I can often feel a little foot or elbow. So neat!
Food cravings: If you know me very well, you know that I was a vegetarian for about 5 years. I started trying meat while we were trying to get pregnant, and have been eating it for well over 9 or 10 months now. I still don't really care for it - except for BBQ pork, which I mentioned to my mom's friend Kris this week. She made some, and brought it to us for dinner the next day!! THANK YOU, Kris!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No.
Gender: Baby girl. 
Labor Signs: No.
Symptoms: My right foot has been bothering me, and my stomach and back have been a little achey the past couple of days. I can certainly tell that I've gained 25 pounds!
Belly Button in or out? This week it became pretty flat.
Wedding rings on or off? I had to sleep with them off one night this week.
Mood: The midwife told me that I would get pretty irritable in the third trimester, but I've been in the best mood of all three so far! I've had just a couple days where the weight gain has really gotten to me. I've never been curvy, so all this shapeliness in such a short time can be somewhat of a shock. 
Looking forward to: I have several craft projects in mind for this week, so stay tuned for more blog updates this week. Also, some of Matt's family is coming to visit next weekend :).

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
+, Lauren Aiken


  1. you're too cute!

  2. You are beautiful, Lauren! I remember the 30 week mark pretty well; for whatever reason I didn't really pop until around that time. It was SO nice to look pregnant and not just like I had eaten way too many donuts (which I also had done under the guise of pregnancy cravings on more than one occasion).

    I'm very eager to see the crafts you're working on! I didn't get even remotely crafty until I got pregnant. I stock piled quite the stash of beads, glitter and felt over a 9 month period. Now that I'm pretty much completely out of the newborn stage, I'm ready to get my hand back into crafting. It's so much fun!

    Oh, and bless your heart with the weight gain. Really, you look just gorgeous! I understand how hard it can be though for everything to change so rapidly and to such a drastic degree. I promise you will look back on these days and really value them in your heart, regardless of what the scale may tip at.

    But for real, you're one hot mama!