Silly Goose

Remember back in this post where I doted on all of the amazing food in Seattle? Well, I'm happy to report that good food does exist in Nashville!! Saturday night we decided to try a restaurant in East Nashville, the 'hipster' area of Nashville with lots of character. As we drove through the neighborhood, it reminded me a little bit of Seattle - only hot and sunny. What could be better?? 

We tried a restaurant called the Silly Goose, and it was delicious. We sat at a large rectangular table and met two different couples next to us during our time there. The first couple was also expecting (their second child), and the second couple was from Illinois just passing through Nashville for the night on their way to Savanna, Georgia for vacation. It was fun to be in a public place and actually talk to people again (not many people are very chatty in Seattle unless you know them). 

Of course I took my camera along to practice my photography skills. I still have a lot to learn. So here are my unedited photos, only the last one is an iphone pic.

If you live in Nashville or ever visit, you should check out SG!

+, Lauren Aiken


  1. Hi! Found you on Michaela's blog (Love her! and I'm the slightest bit jealous you know her IRL. Lol). I liked your comment, so I thought I'd come say hello. ;)

    My sister and her family live in Spring Hill (suburb of Nashville) and have for the past 7 or 8 years. They LOVE it there, but are actually in the process of selling their home to move to B'ham. Job situation.

    I wonder if they have been to Silly Goose? I'll have to ask her. You have a good eye for photography. :) Like your pics.

    I lurked around a bit (haha) on this new blog and your previous one. The story of how you met is pretty cool. Good things happen fast (when they're "God-planned"). Congrats on baby girl on the way!

    Have a great day!

  2. That restaurant looks delicious and so fun! My husband's grandfather and aunt and uncle are in Nashville and Franklin so we will definitely have to try it out next time we make it that way.