Amelia: Weeks 1 and 2

I kept track of Nora's growth (almost) each month, and I'm so glad I did! It's been fun to look back at what she was doing at 1 and 2 weeks old and also to use as a reference point. We were expecting a completely different temperament with #2, but so far their behavior and habits have been similar. 

Weight: Amelia's birth weight was 7 1/2 pounds. Three days later she was down to 7 lb 4 oz, but at her two week appointment she was up to 8 lbs 15 oz!

Health: Just like Nora, Millie is shedding ALL of her skin and has plugged tear ducts - neither of which are a big deal, just something to note. She got a perfect report at her 2 week well check!

Sleep: For the first several days of life, Amelia gave us 4 hour stretches of sleep at night! Similar to Nora, she slept so well that she was hard to wake to feed at night. Week 2 has looked more like a 3-4 hour stretch at the beginning and smaller stretches (anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours) until wake time. She's sleeping in a pack n' play next to our bed and falls asleep around 8:30pm. She's been waking up around 6:30 or 7am and of course napping all throughout the day just like a newborn should :).

Social: My mom and dad were here when Amelia was born, and my mom was able to stay with us for two full weeks. My middle sister Eloise also came for a few days. She has met most of our Nashville friends and went to church for the first time just before turning two weeks. She'll probably be a little social butterfly just like her big sister.

Diet: My milk came in faster this time, around day 3 I think. Thankfully she didn't have any issues with latching, and nursing has been really great! I used lanolin for a few days but quickly didn't need it anymore. I'm feeding on demand these first weeks until I start seeing some natural patterns in how often she needs to eat, and then we'll work on creating a loose feeding/nap schedule. The first two weeks she's been eating anywhere from every 1 to 3 hours during the day and some evenings likes to cluster feed before bed.

Clothes: She's in NB diapers and clothes, though growing out of them very quickly!

Postpartum: (Please skip if postpartum talk is TMI!)  VBAC recovery has been so easy compared to last time! I imagine everyone is sore after childbirth, but pushing for nearly 3 1/2 hours left me with a 2nd degree tear, hemorrhoids, and LOTS of soreness. Day 1 my legs were very weak and a little shaky, and mostly my legs and bottom hurt. I moved very slowly, and Matt had to help me up from a seated position. I was pretty swollen from my thighs to my lower back, and my entire pelvic floor felt like it was falling out. Days 2 and 3 the soreness was more pronounced in my neck, back, and arms. By day 4 most of my muscle soreness was gone and I felt (mostly) good as new! The 2nd degree tear, which I had been so afraid of, actually didn't cause much pain at all. I took Motrin every 6 hours for the first few days. My bleeding has been lighter this time than with the c-section, and I think postpartum hormones have been less crazy too. This time around I just felt like being quiet all the time and was irritable when there was a lot of noise (news flash - toddlers make a lot of noise!).

Milestones: Millie had her first bath in our bathroom sink at 8 days old. Her cord fell off right at two weeks. She has made really great eye contact since Day 1(something I don't remember Nora doing) and can track objects with her eyes.

We are so in love with Amelia already!!

+, Lauren Aiken
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