18 Weeks

jeans \\ tank (Target, old - similar, similar)  \\ tee (borrowed - similar) \\ necklace

How far along: 18 weeks, 4 days
Size: About 5.6 inches, 6.7 oz (sweet potato)
Gender: Under two weeks now until we find out!
Total weight gain: Around 6 or 7 pounds.
Maternity clothes: These are the best fitting maternity jeans I've tried on so far.
Stretch marks: No.
Sleep: Sleeping with a pillow between my legs has alleviated all the pain I was having a couple weeks ago.
Movement: I've felt definite movement this week, though it's still fairly light and inconsistent.
Queasy or sick: Only in the car on an empty stomach.
Labor Signs: --
Symptoms: Nothing much to report other than a growing bump :).
Belly button in or out: In. Definitely getting flatter more quickly this time around.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Recap of the week: Auntie Eloise came to visit for the weekend, made terrariums with some friends, and celebrated another friend's 30th birthday.
Looking forward to: Spending a week in Indiana with Grandma and Grandaddy Weir.

+, Lauren Aiken

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  1. I have the same maternity jeans from last pregnancy but I guess I didn't lose enough weight last time because they don't fit as nice this time around. You look lovely, btw!