17 Weeks

tee \\ jeans \\ scarf: gap (old) \\ boots: nordstrom (old)

How far along: 17 weeks, 4 days
Size: Baby is around 5 inches and 6 ounces (onion, according to my app).
Gender: My ultrasound is scheduled for March 7 - less than 3 weeks away!
Total weight gain: ~5 pounds
Maternity clothes: I'm already wearing maternity jeans all the time, and usually wearing maternity tops! Some dresses and looser fitting tops still fit.
Stretch marks: I still have a little bit of my Burt's Bees belly butter leftover, but I'm planning to make this DIY belly balm once it's gone. Have any of you made your own?
Sleep: My entire right side (neck, shoulder, back, and arm) have been hurting for the majority of this pregnancy off and on, and I think it's from how I'm sleeping. Since I'm usually a tummy sleeper, I've been tweaking my position trying to sleep belly down but not on my stomach...not the greatest position. Last night I finally propped some pillows around myself, which seemed to help.
Movement: I've felt a couple tiny flutters in the past week, though nothing consistent yet.
Queasy or sick: At 16 weeks I had the stomach flu, but my energy is back to normal this week.
Labor Signs: --
Symptoms: Other than a growing tummy, there's nothing much to report here. I've already felt a handful of Braxton-Hicks! I can't remember when they started last time but certainly not this early.
Belly button in or out: In.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Recap of the week: We thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend after traveling and being sick for the previous two. Matt and I celebrated Valentine's day with a nice meal in while some good friends kept Nora for the night. This was our first time away from Nora all night, and she did fantastic (with fewer tears than mommy).
Looking forward to: Auntie Eloise is coming to visit this weekend!

It's been fun to look back on pregnancy with Nora this time. I'm glad I kept track week by week! If you want to compare, go here.

And a few more photos just for fun... :).

+, Lauren Aiken