A Pat the Bunny Birthday Party

Last Saturday we celebrated Nora's 1st birthday at our house. Most of our extended family was able to make it, with the exception of Auntie V (we missed you!!). We started the morning with a family brunch, Nora opened her gifts, and then we had a few friends over for cake! 

I wanted to make Nora's party special but also wanted to keep a really small budget. Turning one is a big deal! There is much to celebrate in Nora's first year or life, and she is blessed to have many people who love her dearly. At the same time, the party is a fleeting moment - and one she will not remember. 

Since I'm terrible at making decisions, it always helps me to make a list of priorities. 

These were my goals for her party:

  1. Everyone has fun and our family shares a meal together. Our families came over mid-morning for brunch. The menu included baked eggs, hash brown casserole, ham, croissants, banana bread, and a yogurt parfait bar. A few friends came over in the afternoon for dessert, and Nora got to share her new toys with her friends :).
  2. A theme that represents Nora at this stage of life. I really wanted to choose something that represented Nora's current likes and interests. Pat the Bunny turned out to be absolutely perfect! Nora loves reading books, she has been really into the touch and feel books, and just in the last month started loving on her stuffed animals. Plus, Pat the Bunny was a classic in our house growing up, and my mom had kept my stuffed white bunny (I didn't know until after I settled on the theme). 
  3. Pretty photos to remember the day. Cue the DIY projects! Just a few little details can make for some pretty photos. I spray painted a couple Goodwilled frames and gathered a couple others from around our house, made a pom pom banner with old yarn, and another simple banner with Nora's name for our mantle. I used this tutorial for the tissue paper banner. It took only 3 pieces of tissue paper and about 20 minutes tops! The cake toppers are handmade too.
  4. Something handmade to keep. I ended up making Nora's dress, mainly because I had something in mind and couldn't find anything close to what I was looking for in stores. It ended up being my favorite thing about her party even though it was too big for her. It's one of those simple pillowcase dresses that you see all over Pinterest. Instead of cinching the neckline, I added honeycomb smocking on the front and back. I watched a youtube tutorial for the smocking (it's actually very simple) and looked at about 4 different tutorials for the dress and did my own thing. 
Nora's party turned out just how I envisioned, which doesn't happen often. It was such a joy filled day, and we are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us! I had been sick for a couple weeks and had also found out I had strep throat just a couple days before the party. By God's grace, a few people helped me with some last minute things, everything got done, and I was running on enough adrenaline Saturday morning that I felt well for most of the day. 

Ok, enough talking about the party, here are the photos of the day!

my sweet one year old! 

4 generations, with Grannie Weir

Nora's aunts and uncles (minus Victoria)

Daddy and Mommy 

Grammy and Gramps

Grandma and Grandaddy 

a little more decor

showing off her new walking skills

and of course a photo shoot

the brunch spread (ignore the red room, please)

 opening gifts 

playing with friends

and the CAKE!! 

We had the best time celebrating YOU, sweet girl!  

+, Lauren Aiken


  1. Lauren, you did so great!!! I'm in love with her dress and the theme is beyond darling! I can't believe it's been a year already. Seriously blows my mind!

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