One-Pan Pasta

Just before the seasons change, I always get a little antsy for what's ahead. Am I the only one?? I'm currently loving PSLs, cozy sweaters and boots (I'm holding out here - it's still 80 degrees in Nashville), spiced and pumpkin flavored desserts, roasted veggie dishes, and one-pot meals. I haven't made a ton of one-pot meals in the past, but this fall I'm on a mission to find some great one-pot recipes! The best thing about them in my opinion? Easy clean up! I don't think Matt will refuse since he washes the dishes most nights :). 

Last week we tried this one-pan pasta from Martha Stewart. I used penne instead of linguine and 2 medium tomatoes instead of cherry, added broccoli, and topped it with crumbled goat cheese. If I were to make this combo again, I'd add more vegetables in. Now seriously, why didn't I think of this before?! As long as you get the pasta/water ratio correct, all sorts of variations are possible!

Do you have any favorite one-pan meals? 
Please share your recipe with me!

+, Lauren Aiken
P.S. I'm linking up with Blair from W&P today. She is expecting her second child any day now! 

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