Baby Nora: 4 Weeks

The past 4 weeks have flown by. Nora has changed so much and even looks so much different! We feel like time has gone by quickly, but it also seems like she's been with us forever. It's hard to remember life without her.

Weight: We'll get an official weigh in about a month from now. She is gaining weight for sure! And getting longer too.

Health: Little Nora is as healthy as can be, even after Matt and I were super sick last week.

Social: Great Grandma and Grandpa Bothun came to visit this weekend, and Nora also go to meet the final uncle - Maclendon! I forgot to mention last week that Nora went to church with us for the first time, and I also brought her along to bible study. She enjoys car rides as long as she is full.

Sleep: We've been trying to put Nora down for bed between 8 and 8:30pm. She usually wakes once between 1 and 2am and then again around 5 or 6am. Then she goes back to sleep again until 8 or so, which means I go back to sleep too :). She falls asleep again before lunch for a little bit, and then in the afternoon I put her down in her crib for a longer nap. She'll usually sleep around 2 hours then.

Diet: Feeding times have increased a little bit this week. She's been averaging 20 minute feedings instead of 15. I'm not sure whether she's having a little growth spurt or that maybe it's because my milk supply was a little down after having the stomach flu.

Clothes: Nora is officially in 0-3 month clothes! She can still wear a few of the bigger newborn items, and she's wearing newborn diapers, though probably for just another week.

Crying: Nora cried only a couple short times in the 36ish hours Matt and I were sick this week! She was so easy going for us - a huge answered prayer! 

Postpartum: I've been pretty tired again this week. I think getting sick set me back a bit, but other than that I am feeling pretty good.

Milestones: While she was on her play mat this week, Nora reached up and grabbed rings twice! When she's in her alert state, she moves her arms and legs around like crazy. I can also tell she's working on smiling, but it's not quite there yet. Her neck is getting stronger, and when she's being burped she will hold her head up for about 10 seconds at a time! Nora went for her first walk in the stroller too! She slept nearly the entire time, so we'll just say she liked it :).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
We are headed up to Indiana (Nora's first little road trip)!
+, Lauren Aiken

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