40 Weeks

How far along? 40 weeks, 4 days.
Baby Size: Our families' guesses range from 6 pounds 4 ounces to 9 pounds. We will find out soon!
Total weight gain: 35ish pounds.
Maternity clothes? I'm so ready for something non-maternity!
Stretch marks? I ended up with just a few light ones and am hoping not to get any more when my milk comes in!
Sleep: Even though I'm waking up every 1.5-2 hours to go to the bathroom, I really haven't had much problem sleeping throughout my pregnancy - even in these last couple of weeks! There have only been a couple times in the past two weeks where I've laid awake for a couple hours.
Best moment(s) this week: Thoroughly enjoying relaxing and spending time with Matt. 
Miss Anything? Mostly just being able to move easily. 
Movement: She's still moving well, just slowly. A lot of times it feels more like pressure than anything else. And we can feel body parts pretty clearly too.
Food cravings: Frozen yogurt - but that's a regular :).
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs:  At my 39 week appointment, I was 1cm with assistance and 50% effaced. Braxton-Hicks contractions are still frequent, and we have timed them when they happen repeatedly, though nothing has become regular just yet. I have another appointment this afternoon so we'll see if anything has changed then.
Symptoms: My hands are less swollen this week (maybe due to cooler temps?)! Lots of pressure in my pelvis, and I can tell she's moved down a bit. And a little bit of hip pain some days.
Belly Button in or out? The top pokes out and the bottom is flat.
Wedding rings on or off? Still off.
Mood: A mix of nervousness, eagerness, and lots of excitement!!!
Looking forward to: Bringing this baby girl into the world and holding her for the first time!

+, Lauren Aiken


  1. You look fabulous! I can't believe how relaxed you sound, though I know you're anxious to meet baby. I pray for you every time I'm up with Ada (which has been a lot the last few nights).

  2. Ah! It's getting close! So excited for you!