{DIY} Painted Frame

Today I have a quick and simple DIY project to share! 

You know those times when you're shopping for something specific and just can't find it? Sometimes it's easier to just make it yourself! I was looking all over for a pretty white frame to complete a small gallery wall in our bedroom and just couldn't find what I was looking for. I found a frame at Walmart (about $7) with a pretty design, but it was gold, which doesn't go with our room at all.

DIY Painted Frame

Start out with a frame - old or new.
(I always get so excited to start a project that I forget to take a 'before' picture!)

Paint a coat (or two) of your color choice. I used a spongey brush and white paint that I had on hand. Spray paint would be even faster though!

Leave it like this, or choose an accent color and add it to your frame for a little interest!

Ta-da! Much better :). 
And if I get tired of it later, I can always spray paint the whole frame like my friend Jodi did in this post!

Happy Wednesday! Are you working on any little DIYs this week?
+, Lauren Aiken


  1. Very cute! I like how you added that soft gray to pull out the detail in the frame. Such a great picture, too!