30 Weeks!

How far along? 30 weeks, 5 days.
Baby Size: 3+ pounds.
Total weight gain: Somewhere around 23 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Remember when I was so excited to wear maternity clothes? Well, now I'm itching for a new fall wardrobe with more than just solid tees...just a couple more months! I tried on a bunch of stuff in my closet this morning, but all my tops are either too short or too tight across the chest. I don't know how some ladies get away without buying anything maternity!
Stretch marks? I'm still applying Burt's Bees Belly Butter.
Sleep: Sleep has been great this week! I've been comfortable most nights and have fallen asleep really quickly.
Best moment(s) this week: This week was busy and good! We had visitors Monday and Tuesday, small group on Wednesday, and watched Olympics with Mackenzie and Adam and our friends Jessica and Nathan on Thursday. As far as baby moments go, my parents sent us a stroller and car seat in the mail! We also ordered a crib mattress and accidentally sent it to Seattle...oops!
Miss Anything? I can't really think of anything I'm missing this week.
Movement: I had a scare over the weekend where I couldn't remember the baby moving for a few hours. Needless to say, Matt sat with me on the couch for a couple of hours while we counted some kicks. Now she's back to moving just like usual!
Food cravings: Frozen yogurt. We had some Thursday night :).
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not a thing.
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: No.
Symptoms: I started taking iron on a daily basis since it was just below where they like it to be. I think I may have had heartburn a couple of days, but since I've never had it before I'm not really sure. Besides, it wasn't a burning sensation...more just like pressure in my upper chest/throat. 
Belly Button in or out? Still in on the bottom, flatter on the top.
Wedding rings on or off? On, and hoping I can keep them on the remainder of this pregnancy! 
Mood: Super excited. Spending time with my friend Amy's little girl was so much fun. I'm so happy we're just a couple months away from baby A's birth day!
Looking forward to: Traveling to Indiana to hang out with my family while Matt is out of town for a training conference. I'm also looking forward to a hair cut! The thickness is out. of. control.

Playing with our new stroller! 

I put a stuffed animal in the car seat for fun, and of course Matt snapped a picture. That bar isn't supposed to be there though; it attaches to the stroller so the car seat can sit on it.

Finally, this week I was looking back through some of my photos. I thought my baby belly was showing at 10 weeks :). Look how much can change over 10 weeks at a time! Only 10 more to go!!!
(If you missed the 10 week and 20 week updates, you can find them here and here.)

Enjoy the weekend!!
+, Lauren Aiken

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